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Western Rockingham Middle Student Handbook


Stephanie Wray



Laura Carter


Dennis Paschal




Western Rockingham Middle School provides a safe, caring environment where every student can best develop the skills and character necessary to be a life-long learner.


WRMS - Willing, Ready, Motivated for Success



Every Kid Counts

Every Day Counts

Character Creates Climate

Success is Contagious

Together We Achieve




The faculty, administration, and staff of WRMS believe that character affects both school climate and student achievement.  Our school-wide rules are stated in terms of character building habits that insure student success. All students are expected to practice the following habits on a daily basis.

  1. Develop Responsibility.  Be accountable for both your actions and achievement.  Take full advantage of your educational opportunities by cooperating with your teachers and by bringing all and only necessary materials to class. 

  2. Show Respect.  Be polite to all people.  Respect other people’s feelings, and ideas as well as their property. 

  3. Practice Self-Discipline. Always be mindful of your schoolmate’s right to a safe and orderly place to learn by refraining from disruptions and by keeping your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself. 

  4. Demonstrate Courage. Attempt all work as assigned by your teachers. Push the limits of your own knowledge and ability.

  5. Practice Perseverance. Engage intensely in your work here at school, and never give up.


SCHOOL HOURS:  8:15 - 3:25



The regular school day ends at 3:25 p.m.  Bus transportation is provided upon dismissal at 3:25 p.m.  All walking students are to leave school at the 3:30 p.m. dismissal.  All students who are car riders should arrange for their transportation to be in the pick up area along the curb near the flagpole between 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.  No students should be in the buildings after 3:35 p.m. unless they are under the direct supervision of a teacher or coach.


No student has permission from school personnel to cross Ayersville Road.  Students who are car riders should be picked up along the curb in the supervised, designated area near the flag poles or ride a bus home. Obviously, students walking home do so under direction from their parents.


After students arrive on school grounds, they are not allowed to leave the grounds until school dismissal at 3:25 p.m. without written consent from a parent or guardian.  Only parents and guardians are permitted to sign students out of school during the school day. A picture ID must be presented prior to the student being called to the office for dismissal.  This policy is strictly enforced for the safety of our students.


When it is necessary for a student to be dismissed during the school day, please send a note to the school office stating the time you desire to pick up your child.  The parent must sign the child out in the office on the sign-out computer prior to 3:15 p.m. and present a visual identification. The student will then be called to the office for dismissal.



No Sign-Out After 3:15 p.m.:  No student may be signed out of school from 3:15 p.m. to 3:25 p.m.



The faculty and staff of WRMS will provide the basic educational skills as designated by the state of North Carolina and Rockingham County Schools.  Activities of social, cultural, and artistic value shall be provided so far as funds, time, and other factors allow.  


Conferences:  Parents are urged to become involved with activities at school and are invited to become active members of the school PTO.  The school day is tightly scheduled and academic time is very important; therefore, parents wishing to schedule a conference with the principal or teachers should contact the guidance office secretary to schedule an appointment.


Promotion and Retention Policy:  The school principal shall have the authority to grade and classify students.  A student should repeat a grade only when repetition is likely to benefit the child in acquiring minimum skills for competencies.  The Promotion Retention Policy of Rockingham County Schools will be the basis for promoting or retaining students.     


The middle school is designed to provide a transition from elementary to high school.  It is essential that the mastery of skills and competencies continue on this level. Levels III and IV on end of grade tests reflect competency.  The teacher teams will carefully discuss each child’s growth and development. Promotion also is contingent upon performance in classes. The student must pass three of the four major subjects (language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies).  However, language arts must be among the three subjects passed.

Electronic Devices and Personal Property:  Board of Education Policy 4318 states, "Student are permitted to possess cellular phones and other wireless communication devices on school property as long as such devices are not activated, used, displayed or visible during the instructional day or as otherwise directed by local school rules or school personnel."   Additionally, "Students shall be personally and solely responsible for the security of their wireless communications devices. The school system is not responsible for theft, loss, or damage of a cellular phone or any other personal wireless communication device." Theft of personal property is always a concern, and students should take every precaution to protect personal property.  Generally, if an item of personal property is not a part of the instructional setting, it is best left home.  

Dress Code and Rockingham County Schools Policies: Rockingham County Schools is providing a publication, "Student Handbook, 2011-2012" to every student.  Every student and parent is accountable to the policies and procedures published in this document. Board of Education  policies are also available at the Rockingham County School web site ( under the link "Board of Education." 

Possible Consequences:

There are consequences for breaking school rules and disrupting the learning process. They include:

  • Verbal warning, letter or phone call home

  • After School Detention, ASD

  • In School Isolation, ISI

  • Cross-Team/Grade Isolation

  • Restitution

  • Community Service

  • In School Suspension, ISS

  • Out of School Suspension, OSS

THE GOLDEN RULE FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL:  "Keep my hands, feet, and other objects to myself."



Students are provided textbooks free of charge; however, fees will be charged for books that are lost or damaged beyond normal use.  The minimum damage fee is $1.00. More may be charged if the teacher determines that the damage exceeds that expected from normal use. The teacher will take into account the original cost of the book in assessing damage fees.  A student who loses a state-adopted textbook must pay the full price of the textbook as published in the current North Carolina state-adopted textbook list. A student also must pay the full replacement cost for any book damaged if it cannot be used in the future.  The replacement costs of other classroom books and library books will be determined at the current catalog price. The price of replacement is $5.00 for a textbook previously listed on a state-adopted textbook list but no longer listed on the current state-adopted list. 


North Carolina law requires monthly fire drills to be held throughout the year.  The main purpose of these drills is to assure quick, orderly and complete evacuation of the buildings.  When windows and doors can be closed and lights turned off without hindering this evacuation, these things should be done also.  Monitors will be assigned such duties in each class. The signal for a fire drill is a shrill continuous ring. During the fire drill, there must be no running, talking, pushing, or breaking in line.  All classes will be trained to use an alternate exit with no hesitation should the exit normally used be blocked. When clear of the building, the roll should be checked by the teacher to account for every student.  All students outside of the building when the alarm sounds will cease all other activities promptly and form a group away from the building. Class groups will remain intact and clear of the building until the ALL CLEAR signal is given.  A long ring of the bell will be the signal to return to the building. The return to classes will be as orderly as the evacuation.

In accordance with the Safe Schools Plan, drills may be held for other emergency situations.  Students are expected to follow the directions given by the principal or teachers during such drills.   



School transportation service is a privilege, not a right.Students at all times while riding a school bus or other school vehicles shall observe the directives of the school bus driver.The following conduct is specifically prohibited and may result in temporary or permanent suspension from school transportation services and/or from school:delaying the bus schedule; fighting, smoking, using profanity or refusing to obey the driver’s instructions; tampering with or willingly damaging a school vehicle; possession or use of unauthorized drugs or intoxicating beverages on a school vehicle as outlined in board policy; getting off at an unauthorized stop; distracting the driver’s attention by participating in disruptive behavior while the vehicle is in operation; failing to observe established safety rules and regulations; throwing objects from the bus; willfully trespassing upon a school bus; and violating any other rule of the Student Behavior Code while on the school bus or other school vehicles.


A student disciplined for school bus misconduct more than twice can be suspended from riding the bus the remainder of the school year.  Students suspended from riding a school bus will be responsible for their own transportation.


Students will not be called to the telephone. Student messages and usage of school telephones must not interfere with instruction.  Students may not make calls during the school day or after school to make plans for personal after school activities.  Students may not make telephone calls during instructional time except in the event of emergency, illness or injury and only with permission of school personnel.

Parents may call the office with student messages only in the event of an emergency.  An emergency is defined as an unexpected situation or occurrence that demands immediate attention. The principal or the principal’s designee determines what is and is not an emergency during the school day. The parent/legal guardian and student should make personal arrangements in advance of the school day.




WRMS offers students a variety of sports.  We offer football, basketball, softball, cheerleading, tennis, soccer, golf, volleyball, track, and wrestling for students in grades 7 and 8. All students are required to have a physical on file in the school office before being allowed to participate in school sports.  We encourage all students who are interested to try out for any of our teams.

Cheerleaders are selected after tryouts in the spring for the cheerleading squads for the next school year.  The students will cheer at all home and away football and basketball games. All cheerleaders are required to follow Rockingham County Schools’ guidelines for behavior and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that brings pride and respect to the cheerleading squad and the school.

Athletes are expected to maintain high academic standards.  In order to maintain eligibility to play athletics, the student must pass 4 out of 5 subjects each grading period and semester.  School attendance must be at least 85% each semester.


WRMS has several clubs and activities for students. Each club has a staff sponsor. We encourage as many students as possible to become active in the school-sponsored activities.

Student Government:

The Student Government is made up of selected representatives from each homeroom. They meet periodically with the sponsors and plan projects that make the school stronger.  They also assist in the planning of assemblies and activities. This organization is for students in grades sixth, seventh, and eighth.


Beta Club:

Only eighth grade students are eligible to become WRMS Beta Club members. The Beta Club promotes academic achievement and outstanding character. Members are expected to hold fast to the principles of citizenship, scholarship, and service that the organization is based on.  Requirements for membership include: all A's and B's on report cards and a good conduct record.

During each grading period students are expected to maintain a high academic average. Advisors will review the grades at the end of each semester. 


The Literary Magazine:

The club recognizes the writing of prose, poetry and artwork by sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. The Literary Magazine is printed each year and sold for a nominal fee.

Math Counts:

The National Society of Professional Engineers and CAN Insurance Companies founded math counts in 1983.  Current sponsors include the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, NASA and the General Motors and Cray Research Foundations.  Math Counts, held at WRMS, offers students of all ability levels an opportunity to meet after school once a week to study together and receive help from math teachers.  In January students who would like to be on the Math Counts team may take a test to qualify. Four Math Counts team members and one alternate from seventh and eighth grade will attend the chapter competition in February.   

Student Council:

The Student Council is made up of selected representatives from each homeroom. They meet periodically with the sponsors and plan projects that make the school stronger. They also assist in the planning of assemblies and activities. This organization is for students in grades 6,7, and 8.

All County Band and Chorus:

Any choral or band student may audition to participate in the All-County Band or Chorus. This is sponsored by Rockingham County Schools and is an excellent opportunity for our students.


Chess Club:

Is open to all 6th grade students.


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA):

Anyone can be a member.  All three grade levels are welcome.  You do not have to be a member of a school athletic team to be a member of the FCA.  We will have fun, snacks, service projects, devotional time or guest speaker, and fundraisers.  We will meet on the first and third Thursdays of each month unless told otherwise. We want to display the love of Christ to our campus and community.


Drama Club:

This club is open to sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students.  They meet once a week after school. Attendance is mandatory to remain in the club.  Drama club members learn the craft of acting as well as other aspects of the theater.  This is an exciting organization, with periodic field trips and student productions.

Gamers' Club:

The Gamers' Club is open to all students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. This club meets weekly from 2:45 pm until 4:00 pm.  No prior knowledge of chess or other card and board games is necessary. Students enjoy a relaxed time to learn team problem-solving skills and strategies for improving their game of choice that positively affect their academic endeavors.  If a student enjoys competition, he or she may sign up for the grade level tournaments, which are usually held twice a year.

Yearbook Staff:

Students may apply to be on the yearbook staff.  It is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students and meets every morning before homeroom. Students will do online design layouts of the yearbook, promote the yearbook, and take pictures to possibly be included in the yearbook. 

Just for Girls:

Just for Girls Club is open is any 6th, 7th, or 8th grade girl.  We encourage girls to become involved and feel connected to their school.  Studies have shown students who feel connected do better academically, socially, and have better attendance.  The club promotes community involvement as well as doing fun activities. 


Go Far Club:

Go Far Club is open to all students.


**Note:  Other clubs are possible provided a faculty or staff member is willing to propose and supervise the club.  Proposals should be discussed with the principal and submitted to the principal by the prospective sponsor or adviser.

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